We continuously recruit professionals with relevant background and work experience.
    Every member plays a significant role here and teamwork is always the cornerstone of our continuous success. And we expect you to be trustworthy, reliable and capable. Moreover, we hope you respect our corporate culture and you would have positive synergy effect with it.
    We provide unparalleled and systematic training courses of investment banking skills and knowledge to pave employees with promising career path. At the same time, we also offer those experienced professionals with greater space and more opportunities. We continuously assist you in learning and improving through team constructing and developing system. In turn, you will become the engine of our enterprise to develop this organization constantly.
    Welcome to join us by sending your resume to: recruiting@northbeta.com

    Campus recruitment matters a great part among all the recruitment programs.
    We sincerely welcome both undergraduates and graduates. You will obtain practical experience and potential promotion opportunities here. Our passionate entrepreneurship and self-driven working atmosphere will enhance your capability and mentality on every front including financial analysis, business negotiation, critical-thinking and decision-making capability. Moreover, we will highly value and appreciate your efforts, creativities and loyalty.
    Welcome to join us by sending your resume to: recruiting@northbeta.com


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